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Design It Yourself15 January 2011 - 15 April 2012

New exhibition for children and adults
The Graphic Design Museum doesn't only let you view work by professional designers so that you can form your own opinion about it. The exhibition Design It Yourself invites everybody to make their own design. Design It Yourself is a combination of magazine design, stop motion film, animations and T-shirt design. In the exhibition, both children and adults are challenged to set to work as designers.

Designers use their immediate surroundings as a source of inspiration. Now that graphic design is no longer restricted to 2d print material, a designer is able to put his wildest dreams into practice. The ultimate goal is to illustrate a message in the most creative way possible and so to pass it on to other people. The design process demands room for experiment, a playground. The work space of most designers is thus not limited to a desk and a computer. The playing area of the designer is prescribed by the demands of the principal and the time available for making the design.

Get to work!
Design It Yourself is a playground with various design appliances. As visitor, you can experience in a playful way how you can make a design for a client using a combination of analogue and digital techniques and within the deadline specified. Subsequently, this design is also published in the context of the assignment.

Before you set to work using the appliances, you are given an assignment. A time limit decides when the design has to be ready so that you also experience the time pressures under which a designer often works.

Trapped in Suburbia is the design studio of Cuby Gerards and Karin Langeveld.
Their clients include Beeld en Geluid, Hi and Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.
Cuby Gerards started his design career in advertising, after studying photography, graphic design and advertising. Karin Langeveld obtained her Masters in Design at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Since 2006, she has been teaching typography at High School for the Arts in Utrecht. www.trappedinsuburbia.nl



Watch the Design it yourself video here