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WaanzienStarting September 29, 2013

How to make sense out of today’s (media) delusions? How to spot text and image tricks such as spin-doctors, subvertisers and neuro-marketeers? Are you being influenced by social dress codes, beauty ideals or porn images? How is your brain fooling you? In other words, how to make the world of images yours and not the other way around?

In our brand new exhibition Waanzien, visitors will be given answers to these and many other questions concerning visual culture. Along with Petra Boers and Suzanne Hertogs, creators of teen bookazine DUF, MOTI presents an exciting, sparkling and humoristic exhibition on the many sides and effects of visual culture. Our motto: a critical mind is a joy forever.

Secret messages and horrors
Measure your visual intelligence (V-IQ) in our National Visual Intelligence test. Scan groceries in our mini-supermarket. Discover how well your visual memory is. Experience how you brain fools you. Walk through our Horror Alley and discover if you suffer from ‘violence inflation’. Visit our beauty parlour and find out whether or not you meet today’s dominant beauty criteria.
And do you dare to throw a coin in our 18+-slot?

Media skills
Images influence our way of thinking, so, how do we handle the large amount of images we absorb throughout the day? Comprehending the exciting and complex contemporary visual language asks for new media skills. Images are more and more dominantly present in comparison to spoken or written language. This is an irreversible phenomenon, children grow up with nowadays. Children and adults discover how they can use this explosion of images in a thoroughly and easy going way.

After having seen this exhibition you will never look the same at images!

DUF is a bookazine for teens, which has been honoured with various prizes, made by Suzanne Hertogs and Petra Boers. DUF distinguished itself from other teen magazines by its striking design. Also its content is seen as a revelation by teenagers: often humoristic or ironic, always educational and inspiring.  All aspects of visual culture and media knowledge are being discussed in the third edition of DUF. These themes can be matches seamlessly with MOTI’s vision and goals. With the new exhibition, there will be  a new edition of DUF launched this September.