Stedelijk Museum Breda

Stedelijk Museum Breda
Stedelijk Museum Breda is the museum for cultural legacy and history of the city of Breda and for contemporary visual culture. Our key concepts are perception and imagination, attention and connection. We take a curious approach to the world and ask the visitor: what do you see? And, how does that trigger your imagination? We believe that conscious interest is the source of knowledge and inspiration, leisure and pleasure. In all we do, we seek to connect to partners within and outside the city.

Stedelijk Museum Breda will open its doors at Boschstraat in the spring of 2017.

Stedelijk Museum Breda is the result of a merger between Breda’s Museum and MOTI, Museum of the Image.

Arising out of the city’s first municipal museum, Breda’s Museum was established on 13 June 1903. Over the years it has accumulated a rich collection relating to the city of Breda, with sub-collections on themes like religion, industry and the military. The museum also managed the municipality’s city collection and the collections of the Friends of Breda’s Museum.

MOTI, Museum of the Image, was established as a museum of visual culture in 2011. It arose from the Graphic Design Museum, which in turn arose from De Beyerd. MOTI’s collection includes graphic design and digital visual culture.

Stedelijk Museum Breda will occupy the historical premises of ‘De Beyerd’ at Boschstraat in Breda. We will also organise presentations at other (cultural legacy) sites.

We will announce more on the exhibition programme soon. Check our website for the latest updates.

Dingeman Kuilman, General Manager
Marilyn Jongenelen, Business Director

Board Secretariat
Annemiek van Ginneke

Natali Vermeulen