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I don't know where I'm going but I want to be there
The image in the age of visual obesity

17 december 2011
Paradiso Amsterdam

The symposium signals emergent forms of the visual culture that surrounds us and inhabits us. It questions the nature of the so-called culture of attention, and looks at the way it influences and shapes the way we work, live and think today. How does our visual culture work, and what are its hidden dynamics? Which new tools and territories are emerging out it? How do images mediate between us and the world? How do we deal with the ubiquitous presence of images and image versions? What kind of imagery is evolving from actual geopolitical shifts? Which possibilities does the age of configurability have to offer to the image? And how can visual literacy contribute to our understanding of the culture that we live in? To address these questions, the symposium brings together an expert crowd from the fields of design, art, journalism, neurobiology, fashion, literature and film. The symposium will address different functions of the image today: the image as a social agent, as a biological process, as the playground of our imagination, as a cultural criticism, and as a revolutionary power.

Be there! I DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GOING BUT I WANT TO BE THERE is the third edition of yearly symposia initiated by MOTI. The events signal and orchestrate emergent manifestations of our visual culture, and act as a popular end of year gathering for professionals, students and industry. In 2009, Me You And Everyone Is A Curator explored new criteria for quality in online cultural production with keynote speakers Bruce Sterling, Andrew Keen, and Rick Poynor. Last year, Stefan Sagmeister, Alice Rawsthorn, DJ Spooky, and many more joined forces to map emergent territories of design practice.


10:15 Doors open, Registration, Coffee & Tea
11:00 Film Interlude Film + Design
11:05 MOTI, Museum of the Image Mieke Gerritzen (NL)
11:10 Introduction Tracy Metz (NL/US)
11:15 Talk to Me Paola Antonelli (I/US)
12:00 Vision rEvolution Mark Changizi (US)
12:20 Anthropomorphobic tales Koert van Mensvoort (NL)
12:40 Film Interlude Film + Design
12:45 Lunch Break
13.45 Film Interlude Film + Design
13.50 Show Me The Money Matthieu Laurette (FR)
14:10 Money and Speed Marije Meerman & Catalogtree* (NL)
14:25 Tactical Media take the Square Eric Kluitenberg* (NL)
14:30 Film Interlude Film + Design
14.30 Visual Resistance Peter Kennard (UK)
14.50 Revolution in the Media Lex Runderkamp (NL)
15.10 An Image is an Image is an Image Florian Göttke (NL)
15.20 Film Interlude Film + Design
15:25 Coffee Break
15:40 Film Interlude Film + Design
15:45 Bas Kosters Icons Bas Kosters (NL)
16:05 Visual Commentary Dan Perjovschi (RO)
16:25 Closing words Tracy Metz, Sophie Krier and speakers
16:35 Film Outro Film + Design
16:40 Drinks

Book launch!
The Pop-up Generation
Design between Dimensions by Lideweij Edelkoort

Film + Design presents Film Interludes:
1. Modern Worship (Daniel Askill) & Little Monsters Manifesto (Lady Gaga, Nick Knight & Ruth Hogben)
2. Gemma in Dior (Nick Knight) & Le Corso (Bertrand Dezoteux)
3. Artist Statement (Charlotte Young)
4. Waking from a Coma (Jesse Kanda) & Out Of Our Minds (Melissa Auf der Mauer & Tony Stone)
& Untitled (Petrovsky & Ramone) & Sophie & Meima (Petrovsky & Ramone)
5. WIM / See You Leave (Daniel Askill)
6. Daphne's Moon (Brennan Stasiewicz) & Enter the Void opening titles (Gaspard Noe)
7. The Hips (Nick Knight)

I don't know where I'm going but I want to be there
The image in an age of visual obesity

Saturday December 17, 2011 - Paradiso, Weteringschans 6, Amsterdam
Entrance €25 / € 15 (students) English spoken - Doors open 10.30 a.m.

Voor een kaartje kan je bij de volgende websites terecht:
www.paradiso.nl - www.amsterdamsuitburo.nl - www.ticketmaster.nl

Initiated by MOTI, The Museum of The Image, www.motimuseum.com
Curated by Atelier Sophie Krier and Mieke Gerritzen
Design by Marjolijn Ruyg & Muster
Film Interludes by Film + Design
Tune by Benoît Martiny
Bookshop hosted by American Book Center
IDKWIGBIWTBT Shawl by SAS Knits It Again for MOTI
Network Books by Eric Kluitenberg
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